April 28-29, 2017
Miamisburg, OH
9985 Camp Trail
Miamisburg, Ohio 45342

Featuring Jo Saxton

I’m a Nigerian Londoner, a Brit living in the Minneapolis area in the USA.

Together my hubby and I lead MISSION POINT CHURCH alongside a fantastic team. More than a team really; more like the kind of friends that were forged into a family. Mission Point is basically a gathering of missional communities, continually discovering that when it comes to church – Sunday is not the main event, life is. So our simple vision is to follow Jesus, share life, and by God’s grace (because let’s face it – we’re not able to do anything!) change the world.

I discovered Jesus when I was a child and for the most part, I’ve walked with him ever since. He’s transformed my life, restored my soul, given me vision and purpose. The life He led is the most inspiring one I’ve ever seen. So I’m spending my life learning to love and live like him.

I love speaking and teaching. I love leadership. I love writing. I love Starbucks, the gym, my people, and the everyday stuff, you know like good music and good food, and good books. And Target. I really, really love Target . I spend my days dreaming big dreams, and making big plans. All things considered I have an incredibly blessed life and I’m very thankful.

Looking forward to sharing stories and learning more about yours,

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